Buddy Tag

In brief: Players pair up, ‘it’ tag look for a pair and link hand with one person, the other become new ‘it’.

Intensity: High

Introduction: A tag game that requires participants to pair-up – great for bringing them closer to one another.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • An odd number of participants is needed (you can join in to form the odd number if necessary).
  • Define an area of gameplay (not bigger than half a basketball court for a group of 15-20 people).
  • Participants will pair up and interlock arms at the elbow (see picture – next page).
  • The odd person without a partner is the ‘it’.
  • The ‘it’ will look for a pair and link elbows with 1 member of the pair.
  • The other member of the pair will have to let go of his/her partner and become the new ‘it’.
  • The new ‘it’ proceeds to find a new partner.tag-buddy-1500pix


  • Suggest shuffling allowed only if play area is small.


In a mixed gender groups, if the participants are comfortable with it, the rule can be added that the ‘it’ must link arms with someone of the opposite gender.

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