Hunter, Fire, Earthquake

In brief: “Hunter!” – squirrels move; “Fire!” – trees moves; “Earthquake!” – everybody moves!

Intensity: High

Introduction: Are you the hunter or the hunted?

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • There should be enough participants to form at least 4 groups of 3 people each, with 1 person left over.
  • Participants to form the group into teams of 3.
  • Two members of each team will form the ‘trees’ by extending their arms and clasping each other’s hands.
  • They form a ‘home’ for the third person who will be positioned in the middle as the ‘squirrel’ (see picture).hunter-fire-equake-revised-1500pix
  • The person without a team will be the ‘it’.
  • The ‘it’ will call out one of the following – “hunter”, “fire” or “earthquake”.
    • If the ‘it’ calls, “Hunter,” all the ‘squirrels’ will have to leave their ‘homes’ and find new ‘homes’.
    • If the ‘it’ calls, “Fire,” all the ‘trees’ will have to separate and find new partners to form new ‘homes’.
    • If the ‘it’ calls, “Earthquake,” every team will have to break up and participants will have to form new teams with new members.
  • While the players are moving around after each call has been made, the ‘it’ can slip into any vacated role.
  • The last person left standing without a team becomes the new ‘it’.


  • Avoid rough ground.
  • Caution the participants about knocking into one another.
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