My Twin Sisters

In brief: To find out what my twin sisters like and dislike.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: A ‘connection’ game. Those who know the answer will be able to answer the question(s) or find the links in the game, and are thus considered “connected”. The answer is usually exasperatingly simple. However, like magic tricks, it can be very frustrating for those who cannot figure out what the connections are.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • The game begins with someone (possibly you) saying something similar to what is written below:
    • “My twin sisters like coffee but don’t like tea.”
    • “My twin sisters like doors but don’t like keys.”
    • “My twin sisters like the moon but not the sun.”
    • “My twin sisters like trees but not the leaves.”
    • “My twin sisters like apples but hate bananas.”
    • “My twin sisters like butter but not margarine.
  • You should keep going until at least some of the players manage to figure out the ‘connection’.
  • When someone claims that he/she has figured it out, test them by asking them to give an example of some of the things that ‘my twin sisters’ like and dislike.
  • For those who can’t figure out the connection, turn to the next page for the answer.twin-sister-1500pix

Notes to the Facilitator:

Answer: My ‘twin sisters’ like things that contains repeated letters e.g. ‘coffee’ (2 ‘f’s and 2 ‘e’s), ‘doors’ and ‘moon’ (2 ‘o’s), and dislike words without them.

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