Chi Ku Pa!

In brief: ‘Chi’ is scissors; ‘Ku’ is rock; ‘Pa’ is paper.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: A game of quick reflexes that can be played by two or more people.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • Introduce the hand signs and their names. These are actually the same as those in Scissors, Paper, Rock (in ‘Invasion’ game)
  • Chi – the ‘scissors’ hand signal.
  • Ku – the ‘rock’ hand signal.
  • Pa – the ‘paper’ hand signal.
  • Start with one hand.
  • One person (the initiator) starts the game by calling out the name of the sign while forming it with his/her hand.
  • The rest of the members must display a hand sign that is different from the initiator.
  • Whoever shows the same sign as the initiator is out of the game.
  • Each surviving player gets a turn to initiate the call.
  • This goes on until only 1 survivor is left.


  1. Use both hands. A person can initiate the same sign with both hands (e.g. “Chi, Chi”, “Ku, Ku” or “Pa, Pa”) or a different one for each hand (e.g. “Chi, Ku”, “Ku, Pa”, “Chi, Pa”). The initiator must remember to call out the correct name(s) of the signs he/she is initiating.
  2. Invent your own signals. Remember to keep each word to one syllabus.
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