Dum Dum Lay

In brief: Try to catch other’s finger and preventing own finger being caught.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: A childhood game expanded for group play.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • Everyone stands in a circle, an arm’s length from each other.
  • Each person will stretch out his/her left arm slightly, with the palm facing upwards, towards the person on the left.
  • The right index finger (pointing down) would be just touching the left palm of the person on the right.
  • Once everyone is in position, you call out, “Dum Dum Lay”.
  • At the word “Lay”, each person will try to catch the index finger of the person on the left while trying to avoid having his/her finger caught by the person on the right (see picture)dum-dum-lay-1500pix
  • After a few rounds, reverse the order — right palm open and left index finger pointing down.
  • You could create false alarms by say “Dum, Dum, … Dum.”
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