Listen Carefully

In brief: To figure-out whether the question is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: Are you a good listener? Well, here is a game where you need to listen very carefully.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • Tell the participants to listen carefully to what you are saying to find out whether the sentence is true or false.
  • Start with a question like this: “Listen carefully. My name is Allan. True?” The answer is, “True”.
  • “Am I a man?” The answer is “False.”
  • Continue with, “Now, listen carefully; I am nine years old. True?” The answer is, “True”.

Notes to the Facilitator:

Answer: The content of the question is irrelevant. All questions that are preceded by the phrase “listen carefully” are ‘true’. All other statements are ‘false’.

You may substitute the words “listen carefully” with similar phrases such as “Now listen very carefully”, “No, you are not listening carefully”, “Why can’t you listen carefully to what I say”.

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