A to Z Hunt

In brief: To find items comprising of name from A to Z.

Intensity: Medium

Introduction: A treasure hunt where the props are provided by the participants. It highlights the fact that being diverse can be an advantage in a team.

Prop(s): None to be supplied by Trainers/Facilitators.

How to play:

  • Make out an area for the game.
  • Break the participants up into smaller teams, making each team as diverse as possible.
  • Ask each team to scout around within the area for 26 items, one for each letter of the alphabet.
  • The first team to return with all 26 items wins.
  • Note that each item can only be used once. For example, John Steven can represent the letter ‘J’ or ‘S’ but not both. Furthermore, items on John which cannot be removed cannot be used, e.g. John’s ‘E’ye. Items that cannot be seen cannot be used, e.g. John’s ‘K’idney.
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