In brief: To figure-out what the opponents have changed in appearance.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: A problem-solving game that tests the group members’ ability to pay attention to details.

Prop(s): None, to be supplied by Trainers/Facilitators.

How to play:

  • Split the group into 2 teams and get them to stand opposite each other.
  • Give them 3 minutes to observe as many details as possible about each member of the opposite team.
  • Ask each team to find a location where they can’t be seen by the other team.
  • Ask each team to change 10 items on themselves (or ask each person to change one item on himself/herself).
  • These changes must be easily visible.
  • These can include:
    • Switching the location of the watch;
    • Untying shoe laces;
    • Loosening a shirt button;
    • Re-adjusting the position of a hair-clip; etc.
  • Get the 2 teams to meet again.
  • They have 10 minutes to figure out as many of the changes as possible.
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