Human Circle

In brief: Everyone sits on the thighs of the person behind.

Intensity: Medium

Introduction: This game can succeed only if there is a high level of trust among the whole team. All it takes is for 1 person not to ‘play ball’ and the whole exercise will fail.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • All participants to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a tight circle.
  • Tell everyone to turn to the right, take another step towards the centre of the circle and sit on the person behind him/her.
  • The aim is for each and every member to sit comfortably on the thigh of the person behind him/her.
  • The task is considered successful when no one is consciously taking the weight of someone.
  • Ask the group to sing a song together to end the game on a high note.



  • Tell participants with a history of leg or knee injury to be careful.
  • Be cautious of gender issue.
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