In brief: To balance a balloon stick with a balloon.

Intensity: Low

Prop(s): A balloon, balloon-clip and stick (about 40cm long) for each player, and a marker

How to play:

  • Give each player a stick.
  • They are to try to balance the stick on their index finger.
  • Next , tell them to inflate their balloons to about the size of their head.
  • Each balloon is then tied off and attached to the tip of the stick with the balloon clip.
  • The players now have to try to balance the stick with the attached balloon on their finger while focusing their eyes on their fingers.
  • When this is done, tell the players to draw a small dot in the middle of their balloon with a marker.
  • They now have to balance the stick again, but this time focusing their eyes on the dot.

Notes to the Facilitator:

  • The game can be used to teach the idea of goal- setting. It is easier to achieve balance in life when there is a goal (the balloon) than when there is none (just the stick alone).

Even with the presence of a goal, it is important to focus on it (dot on the balloon). When we focus on something long-term (or far away), we see these far-off changes and automatically make the necessary adjustments to achieve our goals. On the other hand, focusing on the short-term (at the stick near the index finger) will result in a lot more disturbance and ‘fire-fighting’ to achieve balance.

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