Treasure Hunters

In brief: Teammates help blindfolded member to retrieve balls.

Intensity: Medium

Prop(s): A blindfold and several balls for each team.

How to play:

  • Divide the group into small teams with no more than 6 members per team
  • Demarcate an area big enough whereby members of all teams have enough space to stand on the parameter of the area.
  • Create a scenario that there is a chemical leak and there are a lot of ‘treasures’ (represented by balls) inside the area.
  • Each team will select a member to be the ‘hunter’ to cross the boundary into the area to retrieve the ‘treasures’.
  • The members entering the area must be blind-folded to prevent the ‘chemical’ from harming the eyes.
  • The objective is for the rest of the team to use their verbal communication skill to help the ‘hunter’ to pick up as many ‘treasures’ balls as possible.balls-blindfold-pick-800pix


  1. Designate certain colour balls to each team, with 1 particular colour available to all teams.
  2. Assign points to different coloured balls. The team with the most points at the end of the given time wins.
  3. Designate certain coloured balls as bomb. ‘Hunters’ who touches these balls will be ‘blown up’, i.e. he/she will lose whatever balls that were being carried.

Notes to the Facilitator:

  • Discuss the traits of effective communication and the factors (such as noise) interfering with its effectiveness.

Scenario – “You are a team of treasure hunters. You have found the location of a pond with mystic liquid. In the pond are jewels of various kinds. Members who went into the pond and were blinded instantly. In order to traverse into the pond area, members must blindfold himself/herself to prevent the eyes from contacting the fumes. If too many members go into the pond, the liquid will overflow, and blind the rest as well. Only 1 <or a number designated by you> members can traverse into the pond.

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