All Aboard

In brief: Whole group tries to stand on a groundsheet, with surface area shrinking after each round.

Intensity: Medium

Prop(s): A groundsheet.

How to play:

  • Open up a groundsheet and ask all the players to stand within it.
  • They need to keep their feet within the boundary of the groundsheet for 10 seconds.
  • Once they have done so, ask them to step off.
  • Now fold the groundsheet in half and ask them all to stand within it again.
  • The 10 seconds and feet within boundary rules apply.
  • Repeat the process, halving the area of the groundsheet after every time the players succeed.
  • The challenge is to see what is the smallest area of groundsheet that the players can achieve.
  • This can be played as a competition between 2 teams.Gsheets (All Aboard) 800pix


  • Decide for yourself how comfortable you are with the players climbing onto one another in the game. If you allow climbing, you will need to station yourself near the players to ‘spot’ them in case someone falls.



  1. Asking the players to reduce the area of their groundsheet by folding it inwards with them standing in it (i.e. no stepping off) will increase the challenge tremendously.

Notes to the Facilitator: This game can be used as an analogy about staying together as a team in times of crises.

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