Ball Travel

In brief: For group to travel along a route while throwing the balls from one member to another.

Intensity: High

Introduction: This is the very first ‘point-to-point’ game I was introduced to by Karl Rohnke.

Prop(s): A rubber/soft balloon for each team of 3-4 members.

How to play:

  • Get the whole group to form teams of 3’s to 4’s.
  • Give each team a rubber ball.
  • The ball is passed from 1 player to the next along a designated route set by you. This is done by 1 person throwing the ball over to the next person in line.
  • If the catch is successful, this next person now has to throw the same ball over the next person along the route.
  • If not, the ball must be passed back to the thrower for another throw.
  • The aim is for the ball to reach the end using the least number of throws. Unsuccessful catches are still counted as throws.Balls (Travel) 800pix


  • I used to think that this is a relatively low risk game, until one of my players sustained a bad cut after falling into the drain while backing up to catch a ball. Inform the group of such hazard. Ask the ‘catcher’ to check the area around him for possible hazards.


  1. Each successful catch is counted as 1 point. Each unsuccessful catch is 3 points. The team with the minimum points wins.
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