In brief: Attempt to kick rubber balls out of opponents’ sector.

Intensity: High

Prop(s): A rubber ball.

How to play:

  • This game is best played in a hardcourt.
  • Split the group into 2 teams.
  • Everyone to hold hands and standing facing in to form a circle, with each team occupying half the circle.
  • Throw a rubber ball into the centre.
  • The aim is for each team to use their leg to jolt the ball so that it passes out of the circle without anyone letting go of the hands.
  • Depending on which halve of the side the ball passes out of the circle, the other halve (team) gets a point.
  • The areas where members of the opposite teams are holding hands are non-goal zone (see picture). No point is awarded if the ball passes through these areas.
  • Points are scored only if the ball passes out of the circle below the knee line.Balls (Goal) 800pix


  • Warn the group about slipping on ball(s).



  1. Introduce 2 or 3 balls at one time into the circle.
  2. Have the whole group stand facing out.
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