In brief: To roll balls along the arms of members.

Intensity: High

Introduction: The aim of the game is to transport a rubber ball from a starting point to the ending point.

Prop(s): A rubber ball.

How to play:

  • Designate a starting and ending line about 10-metre apart.
  • Each player is allowed to use only 1 arm for the activity.
  • The only thing that the ball can rest on is the arms of the players.
  • By placing 2 arms parallel to each other and at an angle, the ball will be able to row along the length of the arms.
  • The next pair of players need to place their arms in a parallel formation after the first pair to receive the rolling ball.
  • Once the ball is in contact with the players’ arms, they are not allowed to move.
  • When the ball drops to the floor, it must brought back to the starting point.
  • Time how long the team takes to complete the activity.Balls (Gutter B) 800pix


  1. Have several rubber balls. Set a time limit and see how many balls the team managed to bring to the finishing point.
  2. Divide the group into several teams and pitch it as a competition.

Notes to the Facilitator: Discuss the aspects of reliability, accuracy and speed, how they need to work together to balance these various elements.

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