Open Sesame

In brief: To lower groundsheet and guess who is standing at opposite side.

Intensity: Low

Prop(s): A groundsheet.

How to play:

  • Split the group into 2 teams.
  • You and your assistant will hold up a groundsheet between the 2 teams, big enough to shield the teams from each other’s sight (see picture – right).
  • One member from each team will take a few steps forward and sit in front of the groundsheet so that they are facing each other with only the groundsheet between them.
  • At a given signal, drop the groundsheet to unveil the facing members.
  • The 2 members will attempt to call out the other person’s name.
  • The one who does so first scores a point for his team.Groundsheet Who there 800pix


  1. Instead of scoring points, the one who loses will join the winning team.
  2. The defeated member tries to run back to his team. The winner tries to tag him before he succeeds. Any successful tag gains the winning team an additional point. For this variation, both players must be seated near the groundsheet.

Notes to the Facilitator: Play this game only after members of the group have had a chance to get to know one another’s names.

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