Unorthodox Ball Games

In brief: Play the usual ball game with twists in the standard rules.

Intensity: High

Introduction: Sometime the simplest way to create fun games is to change some elements of existing games.

Prop(s): Depends on the type of ball games.

How to play:

  • Here are some alterations you can make to well-established games such as basketball, soccer, rugby, netball, etc.
    • Most games are usually played with a single ball between 2 teams. Introduce a 2nd ball into the game and the players will need to develop new strategies to play the game.
    • Change the type of balls used. Use a rugby ball in a soccer game or a tennis ball in a basketball game.
    • Change or introduce new rules into the game. Allow a volleyball game to have more than 6 members per team, remove the boundary for the game, etc, but keep the rule that every throw across to the other team must be done over the net. Balls (Unorthodox B Games) 800pix
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