Bing & Bong

In brief: Pass 1 item towards to left, say Bing, 1 item towards right, say Bong.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: I learned this at a workshop from Karl Rohnke about 12 years ago. Along the way, many trainers have added some slight modifications to the game.

Prop(s): 2 items that are different per group – e.g. 2 markers of different colours, 2 ice-cream sticks of different colour, 2 rubber balls of different colours, 1 pen and 1 crumpled piece of paper, etc.

How to play:

  • Ask the players to sit in a circle.
  • Start by passing the blue marker to the person on the right with the following phrase:
  • You: “This is a bing” (Show the marker to the person)
  • Person: “Huh?”
  • You: “This is a bing” (pass the marker to the person)
  • Person: “Thank you.” (taking over the marker)
  • This 2nd person now does the same to the partner on his right (the 3rd person).
  • However, when the 3rd person asks, “Huh?”, the 2nd person is not allowed to answer with a “bing” yet. Instead, he will turn to you and ask, “Huh?”
  • When you give your reply “bing”, the 2nd person will then pass this reply to the 3rd person and hand over the marker.
  • The same process is repeated between the 3rd and fourth player.
  • Basically, the “Huh?” must be communicated back to you who is the initiator, before the answer is allowed to be passed to the next person.
  • Now repeat this whole process concurrently with the person on the immediate left, but using a red marker and saying ‘Bong’.
  • The aim is for both markers to eventually return to you.
  • The game really gets interesting at the cross-over point between the ‘bing’ and ‘bong’.

Pens (Bing & Bong) 800pix


  • Have 2 people, sitting opposite each other, start the game by passing 2 pairs of markers (4 different colours) around. One pair will use “bing” and “bong”, while the other pair will use “sing” and “song”. Feel free to play with other word variations such as “ling” and “long”, “king’ and “kong” or whatever you like.
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