Di Di Dum

In brief: To pass 1 item toward left while different item towards right.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: This game was originally introduced by Karl Rohnke as ‘Never, Never Miss’ (source: Funn ’N Games). I adapted it by using markers in place of shoes and adding a new condition, thus transforming it into a problem-solving game.

Prop(s): 2 items that are different for each player – e.g. 2 markers of different colours, 2 ice-cream sticks of different colour, 2 rubber balls of different colours, 1 pen and 1 crumpled piece of paper, etc.

How to play:

  • Have everyone sit in a circle around a table or on the floor.
  • Everyone gets 1 blue marker and 1 red marker.
  • Place the blue markers on the right hand side and the red markers on the left hand side of the players.
  • Sing the following ditty:
  • Di Di Dum
  • Di Di Dum
  • Di Di Di Di Dum (Keep repeating)
  • Every time the word ‘Dum’ is said, each player must pass his blue markers to the person on the right and the red marker to the person on the left.
  • If the pass is done correctly, everyone should have 1 blue marker and 1 red marker.
  • The challenge is to do so repeatedly without making any mistakes such as messing up the colours of the markers.Pens (Di Di Dum) 800pix


  1. Have a special set of markers for 1 player (e.g. wrapped with a special tape). The target is for the group to move their markers until the set of special markers returns to the original person.

Notes to the Facilitator:

  • You can use anything as long as they are available in 2 sets. They can be 2 sets of different coloured balls, 2 sets of different coloured ice-cream sticks or 2 sets of different items (e.g. a marker and a plastic ball). You can even try using a pen and a crumpled piece of paper.
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