In brief: To turn around in a circle formation while holding on to markers between each player.

Intensity: Medium

Introduction: I first saw this game done by a student from the Diploma of Outdoor and Adventure Learning (DOAL) in Republic Polytechnic, Singapore.

Prop(s): A broad marker for each player.

How to play:

  • Ask all the players to form a circle, facing inwards.
  • Each pair of adjacent players will hold a marker between them, using only their index fingersPens (Inside Out 1) 800pix.
  • The aim is for all the players, without letting go of the markers, to manoeuvre themselves so that all of them will eventually be facing outwards.

Pens (Inside Out 2) 800pix


  • It can be quite strenuous on the arms and wrists holding on to the markers with just the index fingers. Allowing the players to hold the markers with their thumb, index and middle fingers will reduce the strain. The index finger must maintain its position on the tip of the markers.


  1. After the players have completed the game, get them to revert back to their original position (facing inwards).
  2. Do the activity with their eyes closed, without talking, or both.
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