Slide of Pen

In brief: To twist a pen held between fingers.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: I was first introduced to this trick by a friend, but I could not remember how to do it until Karl showed it to me at his workshop.

Prop(s): Anything that is slim and of middle length (about 15cm) – a pen, ice-cream stick, chopstick, etc.

How to play:

  • Clasp a pen along the arc between the thumb and index fingers for both hands.
  • Follow the steps (see pictures – below) to demonstrate how to twist a marker/pen around.
  • Ask everyone to give it a try.Pens (SlideofPenA) 800pix


  1. Do the same while clasping the pen between the middle and ring fingers.Pens (SlideofPenB) 800pix
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