Straight or Crossed?

In brief: Ask players whether the signal is straight or crossed.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: Here is a connection game with pens/markers, which I learned from tertiary days.

Prop(s): 2 slim items – e.g. 2 pens, 2 markers, 2 chopsticks, etc.

How to play:

  • Everyone sits in a circle either on chairs or on the floor.
  • You start by passing 2 markers to the person on your right (or left, it does not matter).
  • You then ask, β€œIs it straight or crossed?”
  • When the parson gives an answer, you tell him whether he is right.
  • This person then passes the markers to the next person and asks the same question.
  • Once that person has replied, you tell him if his answer is correct.
  • The answer does not depend on the orientation of the markers. It depends whether the person passing the markers is crossing his leg or not. If it is, the answer is crossed, and vice versa.Pens (StraightorCrossed) 800pix
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