Isomorphic Ideas



The concept of isomorphic ideas is to use metaphors to help bring about thinking and learning.  I have used these isomorphic ideas as an introductory framing at the start, during or a debrief for the experiential activities. Depending on the maturity of the participants, the metaphors can become powerful catalyst to generate the key learning points of the experiential activities.

Idea: Quote – “The strongest of a chain is the strength of its weakest link.”

Weakest Link In Chains
Weakest Link In Chains

When to use: Any activities where the action of any members in the team will cause an impact to the results. Examples include, Team Ski, Helium Hoop, Di Di Dum, Ball Juggle.

How to use metaphors:

  • Ask the participants what they understood by the meaning of the quote.
  • Discuss how it is applicable to the experiential activity
  • Discuss how it is applicable to real situation when people are working in a highly interdependent task.