Strange Creatures

In brief: To use certain number of hands and feet to walk a distance.

Intensity: High

Introduction: A problem-solving game to get the participants to learn to work together.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • The group will be instructed to form a ‘strange creature’ that fulfils certain conditions. An example of this is given below.
  • A group of 5 members may be asked to form a ‘creature’ that walks on 7 legs and 2 hands (see picture).
  • This ‘creature’ must travel a distance of 10 metres with only the above-mentioned appendages/limbs touching the ground.
  • Every person in the group must be linked to another via some kind of contact.
  • Here are some considerations when setting the criteria:
    • For a start, keep the instructions simple, e.g. limit the conditions to the legs only. It is not difficult to assign (no. of persons/2) legs for a particular team, e.g. 3 legs for a 6-membered team. They just have to hop on 1 leg per person.
    • For every hand included as part of the criteria, add an extra leg, e.g. 4 legs and 1 hand or 5 legs and 2 hands for a 6-membered team.
    • To increase the difficulty, remove 1 leg from the above criteria.
    • Removing 2 legs will increase the difficulty further.
    • If the floor is smooth, use elbows to replace the hands.strange-creature-1500pix


  • Avoid rough ground.
  • The game may require the members to bend while walking. Watch out for participants with histories of back injury.

If you are using hands and elbows, check if they have any medical problems in these areas.

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