“I am …”

In brief: Express experience by using statements staring with “I am …”.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: This game helps the participants to reflect on their performance in the team.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • Each participant will use a statement to describe himself/herself, relative to the rest of the group, based on the day’s activities.
  • It could be a characteristic that the person has displayed, a role that he/she has performed or a new personal insight.
  • Some examples include:
    • “I am the most talkative.”
    • “I am the least helpful.”
    • “I am the most knowledgeable.”
    • “I am not open enough to suggestion.”
    • “I am the time-keeper for the team.”
    • “I am slow but steady.”
    • “I need to improve my communication skill.”
    • “I am the leader.”
  • Ask every participant to make their statement first.
  • Once every member has done so, ask them to explain in greater detail or elaborate on their statements.
  • The participants should avoid ambiguous statements, such as “I am what I am.”


  1. Instead of 1 statement, ask the participants to share 2 statements – 1 about an area where he/she has contributed to the group and 1 in the area of personal improvement.
  2. Replace “I am …” with “I realise …”.
  3. Replace “I am …” with “you are …” and use it as a prelude to the activity ‘Hot seat’. ‘Hot seat’ is an activity where members take turns to give feedback about each individual in the group. The intent is to create greater self-awareness for the individual leading to better understanding among members of the team. You will have to manage the ‘hot seat’ activity carefully to avoid emotional and psychological damage.
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