In brief: ‘It’ jumps on a grid and whoever is along the same line as the ‘it’ is out of the game.

Intensity: Medium

Introduction: I usually play this game just after Pathway to Excellence as an energiser for closure.

Prop(s): A large groundsheet marked with a 9 x 9 square grid.

How to play:

  • All the players will stand around the groundsheet.
  • Select a person to be ‘it’.
  • All the players will count to ‘3’ and jump onto a tile on the groundsheet concurrently.
  • Anyone that is standing in line with the ‘it’ – horizontally, vertically or diagonally, is out of the game and must leave the groundsheet (see picture – below).
  • One of the surviving players will become the next ‘it’.
  • From their current positions, the surviving players will jump to another tile concurrently at the count of ’3’.
  • The process is repeated.
  • The last one standing wins.Groundsheet (Jump) 800pix


  1. Want to faster game, have 2 ‘its’. And if the 2 ‘its’ are in line with each other, they both die and the rest survive.
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