Around the World

In brief: To figure out what is the next country of visit.

Intensity: Low

Introduction: Another brain-teaser for those times when the minutes seem to drag.

Prop(s): None

How to play:

  • Start by saying, “I am going to travel around the world. Only those who know what my travel plans are can join me.”
  • “I shall start my journey from Singapore, then I shall be going to England, followed by Denmark. Next, I shall go to Kenya.”
  • Test those who think they have found the connection between the travel destinations by asking them what the next country should be. If they get it right, welcome them aboard.
  • It is perfectly alright to repeat the name of some destinations.
  • Invert the book to find the ‘connection’.


  1. Instead of countries, cities or places can also be used.

Notes to the Facilitator:

Answer: The connection lies in that the next destination must start with the last letter of the name of the previous destination. Hence, Singapore is followed by England, which is followed by Denmark, which is followed by Kenya, and so on.

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